ARTWORK 2002 - 2012 ARTWORK 2002 - 2012 Subway -2012 (SOLD David Jayne) What is a normal environment to one person may be quite unusual to another. This piece is an abstract interpretaion of a New York subway circa 1980. 24 X 24 $700 SOLD (Prints Available) 166243418 Pablo's Game -2012 (SOLD Jim Matthew) Somewhere in Brooklyn, 2 guys sit outside on a warm summer evening to play Dominoes. This piece was a commissioned canvas and is #9 in the "Shades Of Home" Series. 12 X 12 $300 (Prints Available) 148108523 Magicat at Garden Whimsy -2012 A magical cat relaxes in a magical garden.This piece is a visual escape from daily life and a creation without the use of T-square or tape. 12 x12 Donated (Prints Available) 160429610 Magdalena -2012 The composition is a study in romanticism blended with an urban essence, which surrounds our enduringly beautiful fictional subject, Magdalena. 36 X40 Gifted (Prints Available) 160981442 Dawn Carnival -2012 In MARCH 2012, I sketched this from a dream. Then I learned the night AFTER beginning this painting that a FERRIS WHEEL was being built in Seattle. This New York version honors the late Twin Towers. 24 X 24 Gifted (Prints Available) 157119332 Rolando's Game -2011(SOLD-Joan Harder) 2 seperate people in 2 cities decided at the SAME TIME (around 1:00pm) that they wanted to buy THIS particular piece, which had been painted almost 1 year before. #5 in "Shades of Home" series. The challenge here was using yellow as the main color. 12 X 12 $300 (Prints Available) 112118862 Hydrant Nights -2011(SOLD-Charles Thomas) This is #8 in "Shades of Home" series, & the first depicting a night scene. ALL of my work is done by memory, not by copying photos. While growing up in NYC, a favorite summer past time was openning the hydrants for cool water. 30 X40 $1,000 (Prints Available) 131416859 Gitana's Laundry -2011(SOLD-City of Renton) Earned RAAS Purchase Award in the Renton Annual Juried Art Show, July 2011. This is #7 in the "Shades of Home" series. It's late afternoon as teenage friends wheel carts to the laundromat. A fun composition! 12 X 12 $300 (SOLD to the City of Renton, which will donate the piece to Renton Municipal School District for display. Prints Available) 126177622 Back to the Beach -2011 It was like coming home to paint La Push again. This piece is on archival gesso board and executed in a "painterly" style. I used a photograph to work from this time. I normally don't. 18 X 24 $400 (Prints Available) 144606888 The Magic Continues -2011 This is a 4' X 4' square done in chalk for Renton River Days Annual Chalk Art Contest. The drawing took 3 hours and earned 2 awards: "2nd Place Professionals" and "Best of Theme" 132505691 Japan's 8.9 -2011 March 11th all news was about the major earthquake in Japan & the tsunami which followed. This sketch follows a geological description of how tectonic plates shifted, causing a wave the likes never before seen in recent history. 8.5 X 11 (Prints Available) 144605014 Life-long Friends -2011 These hands represent the forging of friendship. They are rooted to the ground, their histories intertwined to a shared past. The sun between the hands is the happiness they share, the bird above is a symbol of longevity. (Prints Available) 144605016 Late Summer Flowers -2011 One of my pals hosted a plien aire gathering, where I sketched late blooming flowers. It was good hand/eye practice for me since all of my art comes from inside not outside. (Prints Available) 144606890 Rainy Day Building /Remote Viewing -2011 This is a childhood memory of a rainy Manhattan street, a glimpse into a moment in time, during which I was fully aware. This was a recurring mental picture so the vision HAD to be drawn, and it was completed in 20 minutes. Why did it insist on being seen from the AIR? I'd not sketched in this much detail in years. (Prints Available) 134555059 The Fours / Thing Of Beauty -2011 Our artist group decided to take a few weeks to decorate masks and then judge them. Of the 5 presented I tied for 1st place. This "Goddess" represents the 4 directions, the 4 seasons and the 4 elements. 144606892 The Last Rainbow -2010 The Earth is being flooded, above, the Moon eclipses the Sun. and approaches the Earth as an asteroid. The shape of the last rainbow ever seen, combines with the top of the wave forming the shape of a Cosmic Eye. The roses signify hope and grace in the midst of crisis. The rainbow of human races desperately cling, as waves sweep them into a new reality. 20 X 24 $700 (Prints Available) 89802786 Yodel Fish -2010 This fun little idea came from a colorful dream I had years ago. Strangely, I saw a similar scene in an animated TV commercial many years AFTER the dream. 12 X 12 $500 (Prints Available) 98000932 25 Years of Magic -2010 This piece was my contribution to the 15th Annual Chalk Art Contest at the Renton River Days Festival.The drawing was awarded both "2nd Place Proffesionals" and "2nd Place Best Theme". 92173766 Dominga's Hair -2010 "Shades of Home" series #4. Neighbors hang around the stoop in summer, while Dominga's mom does her hair. A happy play of color, perspective and human interaction. 12 X 12 $500 (Prints Available) 103749322 A Blue Day in the South Bronx -2010 "Shades of Home" series #2. This has a dark feeling, depicting a quiet evening, but it is punctuated by a solitary window of light. The moon is a contrast of nature versus urbanization. 12 X 12 $500 (Prints Available) 80012542 The #2 to Brooklyn -2010 (SOLD Mike Montgomery) "Shades of Home" series #3. A familiar scene during my upbringing in New York City. The sound of the IRT trains always rattled through the streets & echoed off the buildings. 12 X 12 $500 (Prints Available) 80012543 Meditation -2010 Clear circular patterns in a shower curtain reflecting the warm serene tones in my bathroom inspired this piece. I imagined the circles as heads. This is experimental. 20 X 24 $700 (Prints Available) 90951094 Salty -2010 Destiny series #5. Reminiscent of a walk on the shore, listening to waves and becoming one with the environment. 12 X 12 $500 (Prints Available) 64442416 Something -2009 Destiny Series. Painting 4 of 5. Based on a "metaphysical" experience I had while standing on the shores of LaPush, WA. 12 X 12 $500 (Prints Available) 61544774 Ushers -2009 (SOLD Barbara Nilson) Destiny Series. Painting 2 of 5. Acrylic and collage on canvas. 12 X12 $300 (Prints Available) 41330399 Sentinels - AWARDED 2009 Destiny Series. Painting 1 of 5. An Angel rests in her protective shell on a moon-lit beach. 12 X12 $500 (Prints Available) 39206755 I Am Sand -2008 (SOLD & AWARDED) I Am Sand is a favorite among many who know my work. Some of the comments have been feelings of "happiness". Signature color combinations have earned much praise.1st in the LaPush Series. 20 X 24 SOLD /Purchased back from customer in Spring 2011. Renton Annual Juried Art Show awarded this piece a $100 Juror's Award 7/ 2011.$900(Prints Available) 35373151 Armorless -2007 A woman walks towards Spiritual freedom as she releases the head geer needed for daily life. The golden circle on her back reveals the True Soul. 24 X 36 $800 (Prints available) 173603 Star To Star -2007(SOLD Community Youth Center) SOLD during the Emerald City hosted SOCO Culture display. The composition describes how we come from the stars and go back to the stars after this Life. 18 X 24 $180 (Prints available) 195350267 Not In Love -2007 (DONATED RentonPiazza) Based on a tune by 10cc. Something about the song brings to mind the feeling of being under water, so I depicted the background of this composition as darker (deeper) on the bottom. 18 X 24 $200 (Prints available) 2729238 Leland's #1 -2004 Another synesthesia piece based on beautiful piano music. 16X20 $400 (Prints available) 2729256 Leland's #4 -2004 (SOLD Barbara Nilson) Based on piano music played by a yound man who performed at a street fair. I purchased a CD. 16X20 $400 DONATED 2009 to Rotary Auction for Renton/Nishiwaki Sister City Fundraiser. SOLD to B. Nilson. (Prints available) 2729257 Knuckles -2004 This synesthesia piece is different in that it is not the perceptionof music but the sound of someone cracking their knuckles. To me the popping sounded like square boxes. 18 X 24 $500 (Prints available) 173596 Porcelain -2004 This piece is based on a song by Moby. The colors I used are more dynamic than the mood of the music but I wanted to experiment with a color scheme I hadn't yet tried. 22 X 28 $500 (Prints available) 173597 Purple Haze -2004 Based on the infamous Jimi Hendrix tune covered by The Cure. It was another synesthesia experience where I suddenly could "see" the sounds of all the instruments and singing. I made several sketches while listening to the music, then painted. 30 X 40 $900 (Prints available) 175776 Float -2003 (SOLD Mr. & Mrs. Camara) Based on the song "Float On" by the Floaters. It is a soothing tune which I'd hear on the radio at Orchard Beach. It was twilight and this particular shade of blue was the perfect portrayal of the sky over the water. 15 X 30 $180 SOLD (Prints available) 173598 Love Is -2003 Second in the Synesthesia series based on a song by Foreigner. 16 X 20 $300 (Prints available) 173575 Samantha's Block -2003 This piece is based on a sketch I drew in junior high as part of a portfolio presentation for the application to the High School of Music and Art. It was my favorite drawing and this is one of my favorite paintings because it portrays memories of summers growing up in Inwood, Manhattan. (Prints only) 173602 Ensueno -2002 The first in a series of "synesthesia" paintings. While listening to the beautiful music of Enya, I saw each sound as a shape and a color. I put that image together in this piece. 36 X 36 $900 173573