Orenda Ayashe

Exploring Life Through
Award-Winning Art * Writing * Travel * Service * Spirit  

                                                        Gypsy-Chick Journeys

Come armchair travel with me.

 Through the beauties of web building, writing and film, I recount here, my little sojourns. Rolling solo is simple, natural and spiritual. I now call Arizona my home after previously growing up in Manhattan, NY and Seattle, WA.  Wherever home is, I return from trips feeling renewed.

A few of the locales on my wish-list include Egypt, Wiltshire, Mount Shasta, India, Bali and The Caribbean.

Click the link below for Coldplay's video: 

"Adventure Of a Lifetime".


Outside the cozy boxes we create for ourselves-

who are we? 

The truth of our character is revealed through travel. 

-Orenda Ayashe

I love this commercial.

 Women should go wherever they want ...even without a pet, parent, spouse or motive. 

Why are peers intrigued when I go great distances alone?

 Perhaps it's  uncommon for a minority woman (like Dora) to crave untethered adventures by herself. My Late "Gypsy" 

Grandma visited several continents, returning treasures from Asia, Australia and her native country of Hungary. 

She often planned our family trips all through the  East Coasts of both U.S. & Canada. 

Whether 'wanderlust' is genetic... 

but it's a South Bronx Girl's turn to see what's out there! 

Never take SEEING YOUR WORLD for granted.

Never get so jaded that you're no longer thrilled.

Keep getting ...AWAYY.