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CHAGA TEA                                                                   10.11.20

Buddha Teas brand (sold in "Sprouts" stores) makes a wonderful Chaga Tea. It was the first time I'd heard of this mushroom and took to the earthy taste immediately upon first sip. While sharing teabags with  one of my neighbor-pals, she introduced me to the real thing and explained that Chaga grows on Birch trees and how to brew it. I also learned about its many medicinal properties!

Another neighbor-pal introduced both of us to Moringa leaf, which she shared off a recently felled 30' tree in her back yard. These are tiny oval-shaped leaves which have been used medicinally world wide for many centuries. The Moringa tree grows well in arid climates such as ours in the AZ Valley. 

DEJA WHAT?                                                                7.16.20

Have you ever heard of Deja Reve?

Nor did I, until finding an article after typing in a question that I thought would go unanswered. The question was: 

Why do I have moments that I remember dreaming about weeks or months ago? It's not saying-

"I did this before"......it's...... "I know when I dreamt this before." 

One of several Deja Reve incidents hit me as I drove south towards Mt. Shasta on my way through California.

Click below & learn what scientists are discovering!


SO HERE                                                                                                7.16.20

...is my first blog post, yay! 😃

I'm excited to have this space for updating friends and family on what I'm doing, finding, loving, researching or just...thinking. I may also be adding short videos. The 'Gallery' page in the Art section has seven new additions. No "major" paintings, just some pretty good sketches. I thought my not painting in a while, meant I wasn't being creative since preparing for, and finally moving last year. 

Actually the creativity manifested itself in other ways, including in a kitchen counter-top I refinished last year in preparation for selling my first home. I'll find / post the video here at some point, and share how it was all done.

When I'm not creating 2-dimensional art, I'm often dreaming up decorating schemes or rearranging furniture.

This project shown on the left is a combination of drawing and designing. Currently my land has 3 palm trees, 4 Oliander bushes and river rock. Whether this garden plan ever becomes real is truly of no consequence because in any case, it's amusing to dream, dream big and imagine the possibilities!