Orenda Ayashe

Exploring Life Through
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As a woman of a certain age, I've learned to view life's little scenes, lessons and ironic twists through a pair of poetically-colored sunglasses. Every day the game changes, sometimes we're the Queen (or King), sometimes we're the Pawn. Whatever incident or accident we find ourselves in, there seems to be a wonderfully wrapped phrase which perfectly illustrates the situation, or sums it up beautifully.

The joy of creating quotes over a period of several years turned into a pile of sticky-notes, napkins, journal pages and receipts upon which these were originally written. Gathered together, it is now a delectably unique collection of thoughts, musings and observations.

Some of the phrases here-in are serious and thought-provoking, others are humorous and ticklish. These are also pieces of artwork, as each page brags its own fantastically designed background. There over 300 (in 2 volumes) to be published.

Like these pages, our existence is colorful, changeable, whimsical and wild. The format and contents of Contemporary Contemplations are meant to reflect those aspects. Readers may perceive either an idiot or a genius. Either way, this compilation is a unique view of the bits, pieces, spices and ingredients that make up our lives.

                                                   -Orenda T. Ayashe