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We begin with a personal "Client File"

Upon joining the Scrublz Family, we establish a hard copy file to set your schedule and to determine any pertinent information that is specific to your household and family needs. 

Scrublz provides the tools and products for sparkling your home but may use your preferred chemical-free cleaners as requested. Scrublz Organic Cleaning is a licensed, bonded and insured company. Potential clients are welcome to view documentation. 


Climbing ladders above three (3) feet.

Changing cat boxes.

Moving or lifting heavy household items (bed frames, couches, appliances).

The use of bleach-based chemical cleaners due to skin and sinus allergies.

Pets and children are an absolute joy, but should be occupied during service, (especially dogs & toddlers). Less distraction ensures efficient service and minimizes accidents.


Sessions begin at 8:00AM or 9:00AM and 11:30AM or 12:30PM with 2,3,4-hour time slots. Afternoon clients have the option of requesting an additional hour as available.

Scrublz offers monthly, bi-monthly and weekly services. A home's initial professional cleaning will require "build-up" elimination, for the first few visits. As regular cleans continue, the home will become more easily maintained. Days of operation are Monday through Thursday. Fridays are reserved for the occasional make-up clean or extra clean.

24 hours notice by client is requested prior to cancellation unless an emergency occurs. 

If Scrublz arrives and access is unprovided, a No-Notice/No-Access fee equal to the cleaning session  is charged. TRUST runs both ways so I don't enforce signed contracts. 

I DO request one month notice of intent to terminate. This allows ample time to fill your spot and maintain income. Scrublz closes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, pre-arranged vacations and severe weather events. You may request a regular Reminder the day prior, to confirm that no changes have occurred in either your schedule or the cleaner's.


Cash or checks are accepted and are due at the time of cleaning. Weekly and bi-monthly clients may pay for all scheduled cleans for the month in one check, as a convenience. In the event payment is unavailable at the time of cleaning, you will be notified. In most cases the home will be cleaned and arrangements will be made to retrieve payment later that evening or by Friday of that same week. 

Scrublz  Organic  Cleaning  appreciates your  cooperation  within  these  guidelines

and  reserves  the  right  to  terminate  service  at  it's  own  discretion &  judgement.