Orenda Ayashe

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 "I appreciate your donating an original piece for the Nishiwaki Rotary Auction and I'm really enjoying it. It looks great on my wall and I appreciate its beauty every morning!"

-Barbara Nilson (Allied Arts/Maple Valley Historical Society Author)

"Keep up your artwork! This gray town needs it!"

-Kelly Lyles (Publicized Seattle Artist)

"Having visited your site many times I am amazed at your prolific collection and broad vision...

your accomplishments are for a much older person, I have to say. You've done a lot."

-Ashby Reed (Onyx Fine Arts Collective Board)

"You're a great visionary artist!"

-Laura Scheuffle (Renton Artist/Evolution Gallery & Gifts)

"Your painting 'I Am Sand' has a Soul. My grand-daughter stares at it on my wall and says, 'This painting makes me happy Grandma!'"

-Joan Harder (Bellevue Artist/Retired Editor)

"Your brand of artwork is very deep."

-Teesha Moore (Artfest Facilitator/Issaquah Visual Journalist)

"These are very unique!Your art tells stories and comes from your dreams!"

-Richard Jahn (Renton Artist)

"Your art is different from what everyone else is doing!"

-David Jayne (Bellevue Artist)

"She puts a lot of story behind her work. It's very whimsical and dreamy."

-Ryan Runge (Co-Founder Arts Unlimited/Owner American Classic Real Estate)

"Orenda's work is nothing short of psychedelic!"

-Celeste Grayson (Journalist The Renton Reporter)

"You were a great addition to the best Chalk Art Show Allied Arts has had so far! 

Hope you return next year!"

-Douglas Kyes (Renton Artist/Allied Arts Member /R.I.P.)

"Wow! These are great! Bright and colorful!"

-Rick Jones (Mgr. Gallery Three Point Oh)

"I love the ones with you in them. It's like putting your body and soul

into the piece. I also like the number series theme."

-Shia Godwin (Auburn Artist)

"In this Chalk Art competition, nobody has ever won both the

People's Choice and the Judge's Awards! Congratulations Orenda!"

-Vicki Navarro (Vice President Allied Arts)

"Your art is rich; not just in the colors you use, but rich in imagination.

Thank you so much for displaying your wonderful artwork. We hope you'll 

consider returning to show us more. Meanwhile the best to you, keep making

art...it's great!"

-Sandy Petitt (Founder South Sound Artists Association)

"We thank you for allowing us to feature your artwork here at the

business center and would love to have you here again in the future!"

-Teresa Sparling (P.R. West University Business Center Seattle)

"I love all the colors you use! I feel happy just looking at

your work! It's beautiful and amazing!"

-Mary Riverhouse (Auburn Artist)

"You're always an inspiration!"

-Don Haggerty (Puget Sound Artist)

"You are very diversified and your face is all over town! Bravo!"

-Helga Jaques (Renton Artist)

"I compliment your work and the reminder of painting sound. Everything has a vibration.

I just changed one of my pictures from your inspiration and am now viewing all of my

work differently. Hope to see more of your art soon! Please put me on your mailing list!"

-Mark Eaton (Puget Sound Artist / R.I.P.)

"Your style is unmistakable. When I see your paintings, I can say for certain that

it's an 'Ayashe'. All of those bright colors reflect your personality!"

-David Shenk (Metal Sculptor)

"Thanks again for sharing your beautiful art pieces in our fine dining room! Hopefully guests directly contacted you regarding purchasing some of your pieces!"

-Doug Medbury (Dean of Culinary Arts/Renton Technical College)