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Six Reasons Why Scrublz EXCELS!

1.ORGANICS. It's the very basis of Scrublz cleaning, as this company strives for innovation. A minimal amount of chemicals are used in order to maintain the ultimate natural health of your home, pets & family. Have you noticed that most of the marketed "natural" cleaning products don't list what's in them?  When diluted correctly, natural ingredients like peroxide and baking soda clean as well as most chemicals that we're exposed to. I experiment with earth-derived cleansers and scents to obtain effective results. These products are used for the full process, but we may also use your preferred non-bleach cleansers as requested. Kitchens and bathrooms always get special attention. Services include a top to bottom approach. From cobwebs on ceilings to dust on baseboards, time permitting. A Consumer Reports top-rated double hepa-filter canister vacuum is used and "custom cleaning" is done based on your needs. I also provide "special project" visits for items like interior window washing or reorganizing of rooms, cabinets and closets.

2. PERKS. Existing Clients enjoy the benefits of Referral Discounts. They invite their neighbors, family, friends & coworkers to also enjoy the feeling of coming home to clean! If you refer someone who begins regular service, you receive a percentage off an upcoming cleaning. Gift Certificates are available and make a unique gift for any occasion! Clients receive personalized notes on reminder cards if they are not present when cleaning is complete. They also get "Scrublz Organics 101" as a complimentary quarterly e-newsletter, which includes cleaning tips and service updates. In addition, regular Scrublz Clients receive annual calendars which indicate their upcoming scheduled visits.

3. PRICING. With all that you receive by joining the Scrublz Family, it's clear that economy and value go hand in hand. Scrublz fees were calculated through demographic research and by marketing the "big box" cleaning companies. I aim to stay below the current prices of those companies. Scrublz rates:  2 hours $40,  3 hours $60,  4 hours $80

See GUIDELINES for schedule options.

4. PRIDE. Personal touches are a key ingredient in the cleaning process. I strive to create a finished artistic look in the way things are put back and arranged. If it started as a pile, I transform it into a neat stack. If a plant's leaves are dead, I remove them. If Fido's water bowl is empty, I fill it. Additional extras I include at your request are: starting or finishing laundry, doing dishes, watering plants, bed making, bringing in the paper if it's on your porch, arranging the cluttered pantry and even ironing. Many of my long-standing Clients consider me "one of the family". The reason I love what I do- is YOU.

5. ATTITUDE. Without a good one, everything stops. A Scrublz Cleaner should strive to enter and leave each home with a smile! Period. Constructive criticism is welcomed and helps improve my skills and your service!

6. LEGAL. Scrublz has operated legally and successfully since 2002, with an established & current license to operate in Arizona and Washington State (license #602. In addition, Scrublz is a bonded and insured company under the country-wide provider CBIC, (policy #C11SG0844). In the many years Scrublz has been servicing, neither the bond nor the insurance has ever had to be used, but it's comforting for all parties to know that it exists. So rest assured- you're working with a responsible, reputable, locally owned American company.