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                        Readers' responses to excerpts from "Climbing Through Windows" 

"Orenda, excellent work! You're really in the voice of the narrator, it flows so well. And I love the way it ends! I hope you'll keep it up. The way to organize, is to write it however it comes out and worry about organizing it later. Your gut will tell you how! Again, great work and keep it up!" 

-Janice Erlbaum (Published NYC Memoirist/Author of "Girl Bomb" & "Have You Found Her")

"Hey Girl! Wow!!! I love it! It is very well written and you left me wanting more. I can't wait to see what the next chapter reads like. I got to tell you, reading your excerpt inspired me to do my own thing. I had no idea that you had gone through all of that. To me you were perfect then and still perfect now."

- Ray Dominici (NYC Limo Company Owner/Best Brother-Friend since preteen-hood)

"Wow-really a good read! I am impressed! Was that really autobiographical? It really puts my growing up in Burien in a much tamer light. Keep it up- can't wait to read more!"

-Jim Matthew (Burien Artist)

"Read more of your story- pretty darn good! What a different environment you lived in compared with mine. You describe the surroundings with a lot of clarity! I can picture it in my mind, even though such an environment is somewhat alien to me. I can just see the peeling paint on the walls, the cockroaches, the cucumbers in oil & vinegar, etc. Keep going- well done!

-Jim Matthew (Burien Artist)

"Your novel! It's the first time in years I've started reading, and I was sucked right into the story! 

Can't wait to read the rest of your biography!"

-Patrice Colvin (Kent Artist)

"Well you left me hangin'...can't wait to hear the continuation, keep on writing! This is good! In comparison I lived such a sheltered life in the country...but was just as lost as you were, in the opposite extreme. Then I met someone from New York!" 

-Patrice Colvin (Kent Artist)

"Well I couldn't wait until tonight to read it, and I loved it! I need the rest of the book NOW! You are really a great writer! The story just flows so easily. As I'm reading it I pause to remember it's YOU I'm reading about, and that makes it even more meaningful to me. And you know how my heart goes out to street-kids as it is, but to picture you living on the streets of NYC...

Please hurry up and write the rest so I can read more! You are doing a fantastic job. I think it will be a very inspiring story for MANY people. Let me know if I can help in any way!

-Cindi Powell (Artist/Retired Nurse/Advocate for underprivileged youth)

"Boy---are you ever a good writer and story teller! Thank you for letting me read this!"

-Donna Lee Anderson (Author/Teacher/Speaker/Columnist)

                                                      Readers' responses to "The LaPush Adventure"

What a treat to see these pictures and read your narrative. -Joan Harder (Editor)

What a beautiful telling of your adventure(s) and thank you for sharing the beautiful stories of the adventure. 

Love the seagull story too. -Leslie Domittner-Cardona (Gyrotonics Teacher)

Nice bit of journaling and sharing.  Sounds like a great trip that you were able to make 

good personal use of. Very nice!  -Richard Jahn (Visual Artist)

That was a fabulous story of your adventures and the pictures made me want to drop everything and go. 

Thank you for taking the time to share all of that. -Teesha Moore (Art Retreat Facilitator)