Orenda T. Ayashe

            Memoirist and Award-Winning Artist  

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Life Is Art In Progress

  Someone can read without writing but can’t write without reading. I couldn't live without writing. We take words, reading and writing for granted until they're seen for their true value. They don't have to be encountered perfectly. We just have to appreciate words as little works of art and love the stories words can weave. At age 13, daily journal writing became a hobby. Today, a daily journal is the fabric of who I am. The most valuable part of having written for so many years is the ability to remember where I have been and where I’m going. Based on my journals, I"m brewing up a number of unique memoirs for publication.

  Peter Max was the first artist to inspire the style of visual art I enjoy painting. My compositions include social realism, synesthetic depictions of music, abstract beaches and dream imagery. Regardless of subject, I utilize bold color, graphic elements and exaggerated shapes to create worlds which are both whimsical and exciting. Dots, circles and stars are signature elements consistently incorporated in my pieces. I never copy from photos.

Every idea originates from within.


  Intriguing photography can inspire thoughts about people, places or moments in time. Although Annie Liebovitz is my favorite artist behind a camera, I don’t subscribe to any particular technique. There’s delight in choosing the right subject in the right light, and in enhancing those images using digital editing.

 Akin to film producers Steven King, Spike Lee or Quentin Tarantino playing characters in their own movies, I occasionally star in my own paintings & photos.